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I chose to put my Instagram online business as one of my online portfolio.


mnwithlove is created with my younger sister last year, 2015. This craft business  consists of an art or craft of decorating objects with paper cut-outs called Découpage. What so special about this craft business is that we used recycle things such as tins, wood and glasses to create each one of them unique and beautiful.

It started back in July 2015, our dad registered my sister and I to the Découpage class, it took us one whole day to learn the process and it was fun and interesting. I thought to myself, I can make something meaningful out of this class like opening an online craft business.

We first started with the recycle tins for keeping stationeries and cutleries as shown below. We gave out these tins to banks, schools and offices to promote our small humble craft. The small label we attached at our finished product is our contact details, and we got many requests for it! WIN! 🙂

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We also expand our creativities in making coin pouches, bags, bamboo fans, customized keychains, customized jewellery box and used glasses decorations. Got good feedback and appraise from our customers and we got offer to do it in bulk for Christmas Gift, Valentine’s Day, Farewell, etc.

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Follow us @mnwithlove, if interested and to view more!

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