How Interactive marketing can be more interactive than it is now? Before I get into details let me tell you what interactive marketing is! According to this article, they are forms of marketing that build connection between target market and the brand.

Some interactive marketing campaign existed today have ‘WOW’ users with how creative and distinct one company can build their brand through this forms of marketing. Businesses keep themselves on the loop to compete and be able to create unique interacting marketing for their existing and potential customers around the world Take Coca-Cola as an example, they create every of their marketing campaign a success!

Check out some of my favorites from Coca-Cola’s interactive marketing campaign videos. Let me know what you think!


Share a Coke with Humanity

Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

Coca-Cola Hug Me Machine

P.S: And last one from Coca-Cola (for this post), I promise!

‘Share a Coke’ Campaign

This forms of marketing is a gold since it engages fully to the public and gain awareness to your product. Coca-Cola use one of its “share a coke” campaign to extend their reach to, about 50% of the youth in Australia who never tried their beverages before. Interactive marketing is all about engaging your brand to reach your customers. Creating a powerful content for your brand, your existing and potential customers will be able to relate to the brand on a more peculiar and remarkable level. With the message of spreading positivity and inspire people to be in humane and share the love, the world is at their fingertips. No wonder Coca-Cola is first on the list of Top Brands in the World 2015.

Here’s some of the marketing campaigns that linger in me after first time watching it!

‘Kan Khajura Tesan’ by Hindustan Unilever Limited  

Dumb Ways to Die  

SNCF “Europe. It’s Just Next Door”

How far will you go for Fantastic Delites? – Delite-o-matic  

KPT Smileball

Interesting? This forms of marketing requires time to executed plan and money. Most interactive advertising needs technology to build it to make it fascinating.

Worth? Just take a look at the first video on ‘Kan Khajura Tesan’ by Hindustan Unilever Limited , Bihar is one of the largest state in India with the population of 104 million people. With the marketing campaign that launched over a year ago, Bihar has becoming known to the world and this content also earned their spot by winning three Lions Gold at Cannes in 2014.


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