Have you heard of the term viral marketing before? According to this articleViral Marketing also known as just viral, is a marketing tactics used by many businesses today mainly in social network sites to escalate brand recognition and increase their sales.

But question! How to make your content viral and successful? 

There are few steps that you can uplift your message:

  1. Message must be enough to be able to convey it across people easily
  2. Message must be available to get access to freely and share to any social network sites available
  3. Writing must be captivating enough for people to response and share

I was doing thorough research what to add in this post, and somewhat I found this interesting six principles of Viral Marketing on Pinterest and as well as some random websites not just one website, three websites to be exact!  But to be able to make my wonderful readers understands what I am trying to deliver I will share the one I found on Pinterest, it is easy to understand, short and colorful!

Six Principles of Viral Marketing

6 principle of VM

So what’s the hype?

I will share you businesses that made their record-breaking marketing campaign to the viral lists starting with my personal favorite that will always be the Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign. This brilliant heartfelt video has gained more than 114 million views during the first month. Dove launched the video in 25 languages out of its 33 official YouTube channels, reaching users in more than 110 countries. The golden three minutes video shows how women see themselves and what other people see them. According to facts cited by Dove, about 54% of women around the world have their “I hate my body” moment every day.

In this video, Gil Zamora, a FBI-trained forensic artist draws women individually in an empty floor apartment behind a white curtain, where those women were asked by Zamora few questions about their appearances. As those women describe their appearances to Zamora, he started to sketch it on the blank art paper accordingly based on the description given through their verbal communication. Beforehand, these women were asked to social with the other women in the room and were asked again by Zamora after to describe the other women that they talked to, and started to sketch it again.

This video is very powerful, as a result, Dove gained another 15,000 new subscribers in their YouTube’s channel the following months and about 3.8 million shares the first month. Before I spill everything and left you nothing about this video, I will share you the video now!

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Other famous campaign that went viral would have to be the Evian’s “Roller Babies”. Danone started this campaign with purpose to promote its pure and young luxury water brand Evian. This video went viral and has reached more than 25 million views in less than two months and even made it to the Guinness World Records.

Evian Roller Babies

After that, Evian strikes again with its advertisement with “Baby & Me” featuring adult and babies stars with 50 million YouTube views and 100 million total views within weeks. Furthermore, Evian also launched its “Baby & Me” phone app that allow users to take “baby-fy” to expose inner child in them and shared it in their social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using Evian’s official hashtag #evianbabyandme. Cute!

Evian Baby & Me

Old Spice’s 2010 Campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

Most successfuls viral marketing campaigns created by businesses are based on humor, interesting content, and interactivity (Emakina 2007, Phelps 2004). Another example taken from this article, is the famous Old Spice’s 2010 Campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”, that has becoming a textbook example of highly successful viral marketing and known for it powerful tagline “look at your man, now back to me” featuring ormer National Football League player Isaiah Mustafa (Sexton 2011). This ad makes people remember and hit a massive share of the video in social networks that gained a lot of attention. The original video of this marketing campaign has had nearly 40 million views within two years (YouTube 2010).

“It succeeded because Mustafa’s monologues revolve around an amusingly smug character delivering ridiculous, surrealistic, and breathless claims of purported benefits that come from using Old Spice products (Sexton 2011). The description below the video on YouTube captures the spirit of the commercial series: “[we’re] not saying this body wash will make your man smell into a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it” (YouTube 2010). This series of commercials has benefited consumers by entertaining them.”

It is extremely awesome how fast this viral marketing is spread across people especially through social network sites! Fast yet effective, win!

How viral happened?

This beautiful quote will help you to understand a bit better why we share.

-POP (1)

P.S: Sharing is Caring, otherwise, Boring!

Till next post guys, toddles!


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