First of all, what is a Hashtag means?


If you are social media beginner, Hashtag can be complicated and bothersome. However, this hashtag can be a useful tool in our social media as the hash (#) sign turns into a searchable link. Hashtag also filters out the content and track conversation topics based on keywords.

According to this articleTwitter initiated the hashtag in August 2007 and now followed by other social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. This famous hashtag trend use by users and brands to engage in conversations line and has becoming a trend use in events and campaigns. To have successful marketing campaign using a hashtag, you have to know how to pick the proper hashtag.

In this blogpost, I will show you how hashtag can be powerful in determining your campaign successfully and vice-versa that I have taken to share.

Here are few tips in making your hashtag in #nowtrending lists in social sites!

1. opt for something that is one of a kind.

As a marketer, you want to be able to reach the public using your specific unique hashtag that caters to your brand not something is simple and basic. With your unique hashtag, the public can join in on the conversation by tracking the topics based on keywords. #ftw #for #the #win

Take Verizon Wireless as an example from this article, an expert company in choosing hashtags that will make your brand stands out and recognizable. Many users in Twitter use these hashtags #verizon and #VZW when talking about Verizon Wireless and this is how Verizon Wireless reach out to their customer service and reply to them an instant.


Looking at Verizon Wireless’s Hashtags, the company uses clear and one of a kind that differentiate them from other companies and this is vital when you want to tell apart yourself and your social media tactics. So use something that is unique and distinct when you do your company’s marketing campaign and never use simple hashtag.  Some users might be new to the social medias and having simple and unspecific hashtags for your campaign that can be confusing. In result, it is a failure and you do not want that!

2. less is more

When opting a hashtag, it is vital to make your hashtag easy to be remember by people. So make it short yet effective hashtag  however, if you opted for long hashtag make sure your users have trouble-free to spell or pronounce, and to be able to tell their social circles to spread your hashtags around. Yay free marketing word of mouth! #win #bangforthebuck

Having long, complicated hashtag can be futile if users spell your hashtags wrongly and this defeats the purpose of creating a hashtag hype in the first place #pointless

Hashtag should be short, easy yet effective for users to find and spell. So simplicity is as its best is the key here or in other words, every girls said this metaphor always when they put their make up on, that #lessismore


3. do your research

This should be the first step before you show your hashtag to the world. Do your research on your chosen hashtag in every social sites  (if possible!) to see if its been utilized because the last thing you want is to have same hashtags that is already expose and used by people in social sites. What if your chosen hashtag has been used in a negative conversation? Save yourself from embarrassment to well researched is the way to go ! #wtg #awkward #embarassing #yikes


Few successful marketing campaign using hashtag includes 1. Redbull ’s #PutACanOnIt


There’s no doubt that this hashtag has create a hype and has won Shorty Awards’s “Best Use of a Hashtag”.

2. Coca-Cola’s #ShareaCoke


People likes this proposal ideas and this post has gained over 1.2 million “likes” on Facebook around the globe.


and 3. Oreo’s #OreoHorrorStories.

Oreo Cookie has launched this hashtag in the spirit of Hallowen by imitating scenes from classic horror movies such as Frankenstein or in Oreo Cookie world they are the Milkenstein! #awesome


Here is some of the unfortunate ones… pretty embarrassingly hilarious and total nightmare! #funnynotsofunny

  1. #susanalbumparty

This incident happened in November 2012, and has becoming one of the top trending topics on Twitter when Susan Boyle,  one of the contestant of Britain’s Got Talent launched her new album “Standing Ovation” party. This #susanalbumparty was created by PR team with good intention of “susan-party-album”  in promoting Boyle’s new album and answer her fans questions about her new album. However, the hashtag got misread and got retweeted few times before it got deleted. Unfortunately, this hashtag has becoming one of the top search topics during that time.

On the good note, it did create a hype for Boyle, but was not sure if the album sold many copies though. Poor Boyle but damaged done! Let bygone, be bygone! #yikes #letbygonebebygone


2. McDstories

McDonald launched its two hashtags in 2012, one was very distinctive and a success, #meetthefarmers, and one was a failure, #McDstories. The purpose of these two hashtags is to introduce the story behind the scene of their brand. The second hashtag #McDStories got pulled in less than two hours after being expose to social sites. It is still a nightmare until today as users still posted negative tweets and hash-tagged #McDstories to share their bad experiences with McDonald. #nightmare



Lesson Learnt from this post is to research very well before you expose your campaign to the world. It can help your business create a buzz or a nightmare! So pick your poison and save yourself from future embarrassment!

Till my next post guys, toddles!


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